Local churches welcome new member

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A group of local churches in the Peasedown St John, Shoscombe, Foxcote and Wellow area have welcomed a new member to their team.

Cath Candish, who spent many years living on a farm in Exmoor has been appointed as a new ‘Ordinand in Training’ – a role that allows her to both study and work out ‘on the field’ throughout the week.

Cath said:

“I’m looking forward to working with Rev Matthew Street and the team in the St J’s Group.

Growing up being a Vicar wasn’t really an option, but what I did want to do was to serve God.

My husband, children, mother and I have recently moved from Exmoor in Devon to Bath. After receiving ‘the call’ to enter the church ministry I was given the opportunity to work in Peasedown St John and surrounding parishes because of the diverse and far reaching community work being done by the church here.”

As well as living on a farm in the south west of England, Cath also lived in Tanzania for 11 years working in International Development. She added:

“I’m hoping to bring my experience and background with me when serving the church and the community.

I’m most looking forward being part of Soul Food, rural services, and learning how to work as part of a rural ministry team.”

Cath will spend three days a week working with the churches, and two days a week conducting theological study and research.

Parishioners living in all three villages will be able to meet Cath at the many events and activities held by the St J’s Group throughout the year, or every Sunday at one the benefices regular church services.

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