Publishing Banns of Marriage Application Form

To be married in the Church of England (CofE) it is a requirement that your ‘Banns of marriage’ be read.  The banns are published by being read aloud during the main service of your local Church of England parish church on three successive Sundays preceding your wedding ceremony. The congregation is invited to register objections, if they have any. It is usual for the couple to be in attendance on at least one of the three occasions when the banns are published.

The reading of the Banns will take place in the main service of your local Church of England parish church of each of the two persons being married, and in the church in which they are getting married. Of course this may well be all one and the same church! That is, if the couple live in the same parish and are getting married in their local parish church then they will only need their Banns to be ‘published’ in that one place. However, in theory, the Banns may need to be read out in three separate locations. This is where the couple live in different parishes from one another and are getting married in a third parish.

There is a fee that is charged in each parish in which you have your banns read out. If your wedding is taking place outside of the St J's Group then you will need to pay us £44 (in 2019) for us to read your banns (this includes the issuing of your certificate to present to the Minister officiating at your Wedding ceremony). Once we receive the form, we will be in touch to confirm the dates and send you an invoice to pay 7 days before we read the Banns.