Join us at one of our regular services

St James’ the less, Foxcote / St Julian’s, Shoscombe


1st Sunday : Morning Praise

2nd and 4th Sundays: Holy Communion

3rd Sunday: No Service. However, you might like to attend one of our other St J's Group Services.

All services generally last for an hour and include a 20 minute talk. Coffee is provided after the service.

Seasonal pattern of services....

Worship is held at St James’, Foxcote  - Easter Day to the last Sunday of October.

St James' the less, Green Street, Foxcote, BA3 5YE

Worship is held at St Julian’s, Shoscombe - first Sunday of November to Palm Sunday (Sunday before Easter Day). 

St Julian's Church, St Julian’s Road, Shoscombe, BA2 8NB