Wellow Ringers

Wellow bells ring out

Clover Holland
Tower Captain 

The joyous sound of church bells rippling across the British countryside is a magical and timeless treat. The Wellow bells call people to prayer and urge everyone to stop and savour the moment. They ring out to celebrate weddings, to commemorate the end of earthly lives and can be used for a warning and to mark major national events.

Between 1914 and 1918, fourteen hundred ringers lost their lives and across Great Britain in 2018 the ringing community were urged to recruit and train that number of ringers. In Wellow we did our bit, recruiting a 14 year old lad to peaceful service and he formed part of the band ringing on Remembrance Sunday. We now have four other learners and more are welcome.

For Sunday ringing it is not an essential to attend the service or even be a regular churchgoer though many have become involved with the church and part of the church family as a result.

Ringing offer lifelong learning and the deep reward of giving and receiving by working in a team where we can show God’s love by valuing everyone’s contribution.

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