Prayer Group

The power of prayer

Pauline Preddy
Prayer Group Coordinator

The Wellow Prayer Group continues to meet each Tuesday in term time at 3.00 pm. 

We are still a group of six meeting regularly on Tuesdays. We are frequently encouraged by answers to our prayers. We pray and encourage each other to recognise and use God given opportunities to tell our families, friends and people we meet of what the Lord has done for us and can do for everyone..

We feel so blessed – prayers are answered, our needs and more supplied, we live in lovely homes in beautiful surroundings – yes, God is good!


  • We pray for and wait for God to bless our village and all who live and work here.

  • We pray the Lord’s blessing on the farms, crops and animals.

  • We pray for Christian families to move into houses which change hands and the Lord has honoured and answered, we now look for more.

  • We pray for the church members that each will come to faith and grow into Christ and seek to share our faith with others we meet.

  • We pray for those recently bereaved and any physical and spiritual needs in the community.

  • We pray for our leaders that they will know the Lord’s guidance and feeding as they as prepare and plan for our spiritual needs.

  • We pray that God’s guidance will be recognised by all the leaders and followed in the coming months, as our relationship with the European Union changes, 

  • We encourage each other in sharing what God has shown in us His Word, through our prayers and other Christians.

“Rejoicing in Him at all times!”


  • We need help from all church members in the benefice.

  • So please join us, wherever you are, in praying that God will richly bless, your and our prayers during 2019.

  • Do come and pray with us!


  • We desire that in everything we say, pray and do God may be honoured and glorified.

  • Sharing in and growing as Christians. 

  • Living vibrantly and enthusiastically for Him as we see God at work in our communities. 

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