Churchwarden's Report

From the Churchwarden…

 Bob Goode

Services have been held regularly throughout the year at Shoscombe and Foxcote, with an average attendance of nine at ‘ordinary services’. Special combined services with Wellow and the St J’s Group have been well supported, as have harvest and carol services. Such was the number of parents and children from the school at the St Lucia carol service that special considerations of seating arrangements will need to be made.

Application for a faculty to the Diocese for permission to build a ramp at Foxcote has been delayed. The complexity and multiplicity of forms has guided me in the direction of seeking advice of our Quinquennial architect. The five-year inspection is due in October. I am grateful for Stephen Clews for his preliminary work on the project, which I am sure will be valuable.

We have concerns about the condition of trees in the churchyard, especially those bordering the road. Quotes for remedial work are being obtained.

Grateful thanks are due to the Friends of Foxcote Church for their hard work and support, and to Jane who continues as treasurer to both Friends and PCC.

We look forward to seeing Matthew back at the helm and wish Tom and his family well in the future. 

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