Minutes of Vestry meeting and APCM 2018

Minutes of the vestry meeting

 Shoscombe School Chapel, Sunday 25th March 2018 at 11.15am

  1. Appointment of Wendy Gower as Clerk to both Vestry Meeting and APCM.

  2. Minutes of last year’s meeting held on Sunday April 2nd were approved. Tom thanked Bob and Margaret for yet another year in office. The good news is that both Bob and Margaret have agreed to stand for a further year.

  3. Nominations and elections of Parish Wardens for 2018/2019

  4. Bob is proposed by Hazel Jones and seconded by Carole Stevenson. Margaret is proposed by Christine Ross and Seconded by Hazel Jones

  5. Date of the next Meeting: Sunday 7th April 2019 (5th Sunday of Lent)

Minutes of the Annual Parochial Church meeting

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on Sunday 2nd April were approved

  2. The Finance Report & Approval of Accounts including Questions Express thanks to Jane Street (Treasurer and Book Keeper) and Dick Beath Auditor. Accts approved for presentation by the PCC at their Meeting on Wednesday 24th January 2018

  3. Questions about other Reports Tom thanked those who have written reports: Bob, Carole and Wendy In response to a question from Carole on behalf of the Friends, Jane said she would be attending the Friends AGM on April 4th to answer any questions the Friends may have about the Friends Restricted Fund in the PCC accounts.

  4. Election for ONE Representative to the PCC for a 3 Year Term serving until 2021.
    Tom reminded us that we currently have a PCC of 3 Members made up of Carole, Sue and Christine. Tom thanked these three for all that they have done over the last year. He also thanked Wendy, who was co-opted onto PCC last year, for taking on the role of PCC Secretary and for standing for PCC this year. Wendy is proposed by Jane Street and seconded by Carole Stevenson. Wendy is therefore duly elected for a three year term until 2021.

  5. Election for ONE Representative to the Deanery Synod for a 3 Year Term serving until 2020. Tom reminded everyone that a new synod is elected every three years. The current synod runs from 2017 to 2020. Tom thanked Jane for serving Foxcote with Shoscombe over the last year as their Deanery Synod representative in a co-opted capacity. Jane has been nominated by Carole Stevenson and seconded by Margaret Coles to be the Deanery Synod Representative for the remaining two years of this Synod. Jane is therefore duly elected for a two year term until 2020.

  6. Date of the next Meeting
    Sunday 7th April 2019 (5th Sunday of Lent)

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