SJs After School Club

Sarah Carney
Little Ones

Our club continues to be a nurturing, caring and fun place to attend. We had some changes over the summer holiday. When Liam Adam left us to work in IT, we appointed two new play workers Gillian Barton and Sam Monks, who joined the team in September 2018. Both have many years’ experience of working with kids and have been great additions to the club.

With more staff on board we have been able to offer greater variety of activities within each session, both inside and outdoor. Through out the course of the year the kids celebrated different national and international events as well as having a Christian theme that surrounds the activities they do, a couple of examples have been ‘loved’ and ‘creation’. 

We took our first reception pupils on in September, and this has gone really well as they have settled brilliantly in to the routine of the club. Through out the year we have said goodbye to some kids when home circumstances changed and welcomed new kids regularly to the group. We’ve looked after between 15 to 20 kids this past year on a Tuesday and Wednesday from school till 5.45pm, during term time.

One of the highlights this year was our outdoor session, where we created natural art inspired by Andy Goldworthy, 

The kids also had the opportunity to learn how to make a fire spark and we toasted giant marshmallows around the fire. To enhance our outdoor space we hope to add a wooden raised bed seating area over the course of the next year and get some more sports equipment. 

We really celebrate the fact that the kids feel so confident at the club and that we are able to offer such a wonderful range of things for them to do. We continue to have a small tea time, where the kids sit to share a meal and the ‘handy helpers’ set the table, serve and help with washing the dishes, everyone in the group takes their turn. It’s all about community.

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