School Assemblies

St J’s Group plays a part in helping village schools flourish!

Tom Benyon 
Schools Assemblies Ministry 

St Julian’s, Wellow and Shoscombe schools have participated in some memorable times of worship this year. These church assemblies take place on a Tuesday afternoon and are an important part of St John’s ministry in our communities. Over the years we have fostered some really good links with the schools. We work closely with the RE lead in the schools, ensuring that what we do is congruent with what the children are learning in the classroom.

 ‘We are learning that there are all sorts of ways to worship God during these times’, says Zac, a year 3 student from St Julian’s. It’s not all singing songs and listening to teachers speak. There is lots of participation. We sometimes write our own prayers or take part in dramas’. 

 ‘I especially like Rob’s quizzes’, a wide-eyed Oscar chips in. 

  ‘My favourite is Scruffy the puppet’, says Rosie, ‘he’s really naughty, but we also learn things from him as well.’

The Chair of Governors says, ‘I am delighted that there are such good links between the St J’s Group churches and our two wonderful village schools. The weekly assemblies are enriching for the children, of course, but we must not forget other excellent links that are fostered throughout the church year, from Nativity and Christingle services to Mother’s Day and Harvest services. We also have a terrific team coming in to deliver ‘Open the Book’ in St Julian’s.   These are significant events that draw our schools and their wider communities together, and we are grateful to the St J’s Group for facilitating this’.

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