Life Group

Doing life, together

David & Elaine Williams
Life Group Coordinators

Life Groups have been operating in the St J’s benefice under the current format since early in 2016. There have been some changes in leadership during this time and there are changes ahead; it is a time of reflection and review.

In January 2019 the current Life Group Leaders met to share their thoughts and ideas. We looked back at challenges and encouragements. A good number of people from across the benefice are part of a Life Group; the groups have grown and shared life together; this has included bereavement, encouragement, healing, stepping out into new areas of ministry such as prophecy and leading worship, studying the bible, learning about living as a disciple of Christ and following up teaching from Sunday’s sermons. There have been social gatherings where food and fun have been shared. 

Sadly Tom and Sara will be leaving us this year. Thank you so much for all you have given and the seeds you have sown. Thank you too to Charlotte and Nico who will be leading this group into the future. 

Helen and Ben will also be taking a break from leading a Life Group. Those who have been part of this group are being encouraged to try a different group. Thank you so much Helen and Ben along with Heather and Peter for the love, support and commitment you have shown in leading your group over the years.

David and Elaine’s group will be changing their meeting night from Friday to Wednesday in the Spring. Thank you Andy and Joy, who have supported the leadership of this group so brilliantly.

Tom, Jo and Katie Chapman have led the daytime group where discipleship and growth has been so evident. Katie flew off to America just before Christmas and we miss her. We are thrilled that Cath will now be joining Jo in the leadership of this group.

Rob and Sarah have lost Tom Morgan, and then Rich and Ruth Miles as their Assistant Leaders this year. Thank you so much Rob and Sarah for your commitment in leading this group into the future.

Moving into the future...

Richard and Cath Downing have identified a gap in the provision for teenagers in the church and they feel that God is stirring them to work with this group. They are preparing to start meeting after Easter – watch this space!

We would love to see more people coming along to a Life Group – Life Groups are for everyone!

We recognise the need for new leaders and assistant leaders. There will be a meeting in the Spring for all who might be interested in leading or helping to lead a group. Watch out for the date!

Finally, David and Elaine will be stepping aside from being the Life Group Pastors at some point this year. We are uncertain at this stage what this role will entail in the future, so again, watch this space. A new season – we wait with expectancy and excitement because it will be good!

EDITOR SAYS: Thanks David and Elaine for all your hard work and we wish you the best in your new season.

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