Inside Out Women's ministry

Women! Arise & Shine

Yvonne Grace 
Co-ordinator Women’s Ministry

This women’s group was started just a few years ago. It has developed into a solid church ministry for women to attend monthly. We continue to gather once a month mostly in the church hall but we do have socials in the footprint of Wellow and Shoscombe! Since August 2018 we have developed a series of events called Arise and Shine. We are very excited by the positive response of these gatherings!

We alternate these meetings with a vision to developing a deeper Christian faith and social/fellowship/creative activities. In so doing, it gives the committee more opportunities to use their talents and gifts but it does mean greater work in being creative! We are serving in a much wider way and everyone has been blessed by the wisdom shared from the variety of invited speakers.

 Our prayer time is growing much longer and at our last meeting, we organised a prayer team of 5, who were ready to pray for any need. The most popular evenings have been, ”Building a business from home” and an evening with a experienced panel who encouraged women in Prophetic Ministry! At Christmas we had a fun-filled party and joined into a collection of a much-needed garment of clothing for village women in Africa and we were successful in surpassing our target! 

Inside Out: Arise & Shine is building friendship, leadership and support. It is for women of all ages who come to share, to serve to encourage and have fun with God at the centre!

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