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Men from church discovered talking and drinking in local pub!

Tom Benyon
Impact - Men’s ministry

The annual has discovered that men from St John’s Church have been meeting once a month in the local pub to talk about life, the universe and everything, though not necessarily in that order.

 “It’s no secret,” says curate and regular Impact attendee Rev Tom Benyon, “Men have been meeting in pubs in North Somerset and the UK for centuries. So rather than sit in a draughty church building to talk about life, the universe and everything, we gather in the local pub like everyone else. The atmosphere is warm, and the lager is cold, so everyone’s happy.”

“We have been doing this for 2 ½ years now”, the youthful curate enthuses. “It’s a good opportunity to deepen friendships in an open and friendly atmosphere. We did meet at The Prince of Wales, when Gary looked after us wonderfully well, but now that the Prince of Wales closed we are back at the Red Post and very happy to be there.

 ‘It’s true – Impact is really having an impact!’ says regular member Jeffrey*, ‘Without Impact I would probably be addicted to Netflix, so at least it gets me out of the house…once a month.”

 “What do we do? It depends who is leading. If it’s me I like to steer the conversation onto a relevant topic, maybe based on the Sunday preach for example. I also have some discipleship cards that ask some quite tricky questions.’ The curate chuckles, ‘As men we are pretty good at posing and pretending everything is fine – and I include myself in this - but at Impact we really want men to be open and authentic with each other.’

 The curate  tells The Annual that he is moving on. “I really hope the men will continue to meet.” The curate looks a little misty eyed at this point and stares into his beer.  “Friendships have really deepened over the years and it would be a shame if this was to stop. I do think it requires a new team to take it on. Maybe combine some sessions with our Methodist brothers. They are also fond of the odd beer.’

*name changed to secure anonymity.

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