Churchwarden's Report

From the Churchwarden’s

Joy Fraser and Richard Elsip

It has been a busy year with Richard seeing through the work in the Church to remove the pews and carpets, refurbish the floors and purchase the new chairs, which I hope everyone is finding comfortable to sit on as well as offering us the flexibility of different set ups for different types of meetings. Richard is continuing with plans for further changes in the church to make it more user friendly for the groups that are increasingly using the building. This includes the provision of a toilet, upgrading the servery area and more. It may be possible to do some of this work without a faculty and therefore more quickly, but other plans for the church building will need to be approved by the Diocese and will take longer

Joy’s main task has been engaging with B&NES Council with regard to the future of the Youth Hub which currently accommodates our Soul Food service, providing far better accommodation for the children’s work than we can do at St John’s. The building is being offered on a Community Asset Transfer at a peppercorn rent as long as Youth Work for the village continues to be provided. There is a working party in place with representation from St John’s Church, the Methodist Church and the wider community. Negotiations are progressing and a business plan has been prepared to run the building as a community centre for the whole village. We are excited to think that the Youth Work could be ready to start in late Spring, although the building may take longer. More news on progress will be available during the spring/early summer of 2019.

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