Making  Disciples at Alpha

Bob and Yvonne Grace

Following on from the Alpha course two years ago, we decided a relaunch was timely. We endeavoured to involve as many church folk as possible in order to strengthen and develop relationships in the church. 

An evening course this time, still using the terrific alpha film series which proved very popular. It started on Friday evenings last September and lasted for ten weeks. 

We had the advantage of six months planning, preparation and promotion, leading to a core team of sixteen helpers -hosts, helpers, cake makers, food and drink servers, audio visual person, worship leader, setup and breakdown people and intercessors. We hosted over ten guests, resulting in new salvation for some, and faith building in others, with all of them exposed to the power and might of the holy spirit. 

What was particularly special was the Methodist church volunteering to be involved, which turned Alpha into more of a Peasedown initiative. 

David Winstanley, the Methodist church leader, hosted a small group and also led worship at the Holy Spirit day, held at Shoscombe village hall, which was a very successful event. 

An “end of Alpha” dinner was hosted by the Methodist church and St Johns people will be reciprocating by serving in various capacities at a new alpha being held on Wednesday evenings at the newly established Christian coffee house in Peasedown, launched by one of our Methodist brothers, Andy Day. 

An Alpha culture is now establishing roots in Peasedown and our hope is that it will continue to gather momentum over the coming months and years. 

A follow up course to Alpha, entitled “The Equipping Course” is starting an eight week series on 1st February, 2019, at St. John’s. Again a strong core team have stepped forward, and many guests are participating. 

Our ongoing vision is to keep Alpha going consistently in Peasedown in the future, in probably new and adventurous ways in our ongoing obedience to Christ’s command in Mark 16:19.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”
— Mark 16:19.
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